The Golden Days

Most of you are likely with me on social media so you probably already know what's been going on with me these days.

It's been the worst of times and the best of times...

My buddy Sammy, aka Samwise, aka the Doofus, succumbed to his cancer on Saturday, June 10. He'd had a bad day earlier in the week but then had a very good Friday (we played fetch for a bit Friday afternoon), and seemed fine Saturday morning. By around noon on Saturday, though, it was clear that something had happened internally and by 2:00, we knew it was time. I rode in the very back of my SUV with him, laying with him in my arms and his head on my shoulder, while my husband drove. It was the longest, hardest 20-minute drive I've been through, but I'm glad I had that last opportunity to hold him and talk to him. I'm also glad that it was a Saturday and neither my husband nor I were traveling so that we could both be there for Sammy and for each other.

I still miss him. I still cry at the oddest moments. He'll always be my Sammy.

I do appreciate all my #Twilter friends who have sent their condolences, and their own feelings of missing Sammy on Instagram. He was an extremely photogenic dog, and a bit of a ham, so there were lots of pictures of him. I've posted here just a few of my favorites. I have hundreds, and they all make me smile.

I'll always miss you, Sammy. 

I'll follow this post with the other half of the update...