Thinkin' about It Thursday (and retreat report)

This week, I'm thinking...

  • that I can't post pictures of most of what I did on retreat this past weekend because they're going to be gifts
  • that it's unlikely that the recipients actually read my blog
  • how it's sometimes a pain that I have this blog linked to Facebook
    • because then the pics may show up on FB
    • and they might actually see them
    • and it'll be pretty darn clear what's going on
    • because how many people in my family are expecting right now, anyway?
  • how I can at least post a pic of this finish.
  • that it's nice to have it done
    • but I don't know how often I'll wear it
    • because it wrinkles like the dickens
    • and I hate ironing clothes
  • how I'm lucky it actually fits because I measured it to myself 25 pounds ago
    • and it fits now, so it probably wouldn't have if I'd finished it then. Go figure.
  • how my friend taking the picture said "strike a pose" and so I did
  • that it's obvious I'm not a runway model.


  • how I used my last hour on Sunday morning of the retreat to get some random non-sewing stuff done
  • like filling in my next week's layout in my bullet journal
    • because yes, I'm back to bullet journaling
    • because going back to the planner lasted about a day and a half
    • because I just felt too cramped to breathe in a pre-printed layout
  • how I actually used colored pens
    • and a ruler
    • and planned a layout ahead of time
    • so I could fill it in fast "on the go" during the week
    • and then I got a stomach flu almost as soon as I got home
    • so the first couple of days remained blank because I couldn't deal
    • so, so much for pretty layouts
  • how this is a handy little gadget for any book that you need a writing utensil for.
  • that I can now add a pen holder to any journal I use (it's got an adhesive back so you can just adhere it to the inside back cover).
  • how everything I get involved in has its own world of fun little supplies.

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