Thinkin' about It Thursday

(I'm writing this before Thursday as on Thursday I'll be in my car heading across the border for my anniversary weekend trip with my husband. So here's my compilation of thoughts for the week leading up to Thursday.)

This week, I'm thinking...

Niagara on the Lake 2013

Niagara on the Lake 2013

  • How much I love fall. Have I said that before?
  • That I'm really ready for my anniversary weekend trip with my husband this weekend.
  • How we seemed to spend as little time as possible together in the couple of weeks leading up to our weekend trip just to be darn sure we were really ready for our weekend away.
  • How we love it when the timing is such that we end up taking our vacation weekend in Canada the same weekend as Canadian Thanksgiving.
  • That we're sneaky that way, getting two Thanksgiving dinners in a row.
  • That it's good we're going away this weekend because nearly as soon as I get home, I'm gone again for a week-long work-trip.
  • How I'm so glad I got my postcard done for Sandi's postcard swap last weekend so it could be in the mail before I spend a lot of the rest of the month gone.
  • How unusual it is that I'm ahead of a quilting deadline.
  • "Whee!"
Hiking in Balls Falls area 2008

Hiking in Balls Falls area 2008

  • That I'll get a ton of steps in this weekend as we like to go hiking at Ball's Falls and catching the arts and crafts festival they hold every year on their Thanksgiving weekend.
  • That it's been hard keeping my mind on work all week as I've looked forward to my time away.
  • How I am so ready to be gone.
  • That I can't wait to kick through leaves and smell fall everywhere around me all weekend long.
  • Vacation, here I come!