Thinkin' About It Thursday

This week, I'm thinking...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

And I'm thinking...

  • That family and friends are good things to have.
  • That Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday.
  • That I never keep quite enough leftovers at home after I host.
  • That I like being generous, but I wouldn't mind a few more days of leftover turkey, either.
  • That my husband and I sometimes end up roasting a turkey breast within a day or so of Thanksgiving so we can manufacture ourselves more leftovers.
  • That I hope I'm well-enough packed that I can actually relax some on Friday rather than running around in a frenzy attending to details for the trip.
  • That come hell or high water,  I'll be on a plane on Saturday and whatever hasn't happened by then won't happen and it'll probably all be fine anyway.
  • That this going-without-coffee thing really does stink.
  • That it's not a caffeine issue--I haven't had any withdrawals to speak of--but just a flavor thing.
  • That I really, really miss my morning coffee (and probably most especially will tomorrow morning as I'm in recovery from a big day of cooking and eating).
  • That December 21st will bring the biggest honkin' mug of coffee and fat-free French Vanilla creamer my way: merry early Christmas, Sandy.
  • That dropping off my sewing machines for their time at the spa while I'm gone was nearly as difficult as saying goodbye to my dogs for a few weeks.
    • Nearly.
  • That I can't wait to put brand-spanking-newly-cleaned-and-tuned-up machines to use once I get home.
  • That family and friends, and being fortunate enough to have a table laden with food, really is a blessing.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the U.S. To those elsewhere, have some turkey or squash on us!

*This will be the last Thinkin' About It Thursday post until after my return. I can't even begin to predict what I'll be thinkin' the next three Thursdays!