Thinkin' about It Thursday

This week, I'm thinking... 

  • That a true sign of love is my non-coffee-drinking husband driving to McDonald's at 6:30a to get me coffee when we're without power overnight
  • That it's hard to convince myself to climb out from under piles of quilts to start a day in a house with no power and with devices running out of charge
  • especially when I'm sick
  • and sicker now that I've slept in a cold house
  • So bag it, I'm taking another sick day
  • That having a sick day earlier this week and a 24-hour power outage all in the same week helped me finally get some embroidery done
  • How that's a silver lining to being down with a cold all week
  • and not getting in any of my 5k training sessions
  • or much of any other moving around for that matter
  • and how frustrating that feels
  • when I'd had such great momentum going
  • so poop on it all, anyway. 
  • That I really shouldn't complain, though
  • How, as colds go, this hasn't been a terrible one
  • That I can still breathe
  • That my occasional cough isn't keeping me awake at night
  • That my sore throat is manageable
  • so stop your whining already. Sheesh. 
  • That I probably won't have much to say for my Fight the Funk Friday post this week. (See all of the above.)

(apologies for lack of formatting and indents on this post--can't do that fancy stuff on my iPad app which is all I have access to at the moment...)