Thinkin' About It Thursday

This week I'm thinking...

  • About how tired I am now that I'm exercising regularly again and I'm wondering when all that "extra energy" I normally get from exercising will finally kick in.
  • About how well I'm sleeping, though, for the first time all summer, so that's a bonus.
  • About how I know in another few days things will even out and my body won't be quite in as much shock.
  • About how I still don't have much quilty mojo but that'll come back too.
  • About the fact that DD heads back to school on Monday for her senior year of college.
  • About how much I'll miss her, but I won't miss the stacks of cr*p in the family room. 
  • About how she can't get her car packed fast enough for my taste because somehow the stacks of cr*p in the family room are multiplying frighteningly fast as she moves out of the bedroom and basement and lands in the family room as a transition point before it eventually (and better!) all ends up in the trunk of her car.
Princess doggie doing her best to win my sympathy.

Princess doggie doing her best to win my sympathy.

  • About my princess doggie.
  • How she is clearly not herself, but doesn't have specific enough symptoms to go to the vet.
  • Whether I could call them and say, "Well, she's just not as freakish as she usually is."
  • And... "for her, calm isn't necessarily a good thing."
  • And... "She actually sticks by my side in the back yard. That's just not right." 
  • That my work task list seems to be using fertilizer--it just keeps growing no matter how many tasks I prune off it every day
  • That I turn 49 next week.
  • That I've always preferred "0" years to "9" years because 9s are the end of a decade, 0s are the start of a brand new one.
  • That this birthday next week starts my "sabbatical year," as Frances puts it. 
  • That I may be in for a lot of changes between my 49th birthday and my 50th one, sabbatical year or not.
  • That I really enjoy the #twilters because they make me feel like I'm still in the quilty world even though I haven't touched my machine in nearly a week.
  • That I have a lot of other very random thoughts wandering through my head this afternoon so this should probably just end here before it devolves.