Thinkin' About It Thursday

This week, I'm thinking...

  • how much I love fall.
  • that I haven't done a Thinkin' About It Thursday post in awhile.
  • that it's nice to have a week where I'm home, I'm relatively healthy, and I can be back in a routine.
  • that I need to decide what I'm doing for an appetizer for my IL's clambake on Saturday.
  • that I don't like clams.
  • that I don't like any shellfish.
  • that I'm still willing to take one for the team and make an appetizer involving crab meat that others might like so I can play with a new homemade pasta recipe I've been wanting to try, 'cause lemon pepper pasta just sounds like it's tailor-made for seafood accompaniments.
  • how maybe I'll still make a second appetizer that my husband and I would both want to eat.
  • that my husband is the one who suggested having a clambake just to get the family together, even though he doesn't like shellfish either.
  • how ironic that is.
  • how maybe I'll make a second appetizer that only I'd really like to eat and make him stew in his own clam juices.
  • that I love getting together with family, but I really don't like clams. Or shellfish. 
  • that I'm actually getting time in at my sewing machine this week.
  • that I'm having a ball working on my postcard for Sandi's fall postcard swap. 
  • that it's still nice enough outside that I can get some canal walks in with the Doofus. 
  • how much I love fall.