Thinking about It Thursday--January 19, 2017

This week, I'm thinking...

(Bullet Journal from )

(Bullet Journal from

  • that there's way too much pressure to have a pretty planner.
  • that I need to stop looking at them on Instagram and Pinterest.
  • that I am about to burst the binder on my planner with everything I'm adding into it to make it work for me.
  • that maybe I should explore bullet journaling.
  • that bullet journals seem excitingly free-form but a bit scarily too-free-form.
  • how much our personality determines what kind of planner really works best for us.


  • that I may go back and look at Daytimers again as well.
    • that I haven't used a Daytimer in probably 20 years, since I got my first Palm Pilot.
      • how old that makes me feel to even say the words "Palm Pilot."
        • how some of you reading this may not even know what those words mean.
  • that I really only have a couple of more weeks to figure out what I want to do more long-term about planners because pretty soon I get super-busy again
    • and a good planner will make a huge difference to how stressed that makes me.
    • and wine.
  • how helpful it was to talk with a Weight Watchers "coach" this week
    • and how proud of myself I am that I sought help
    • because I tend to be cussedly independent
    • and that can sometimes make things worse.
  • that I'm still waiting for a phone call from my hopefully-new-trainer.
  • that my PT appointment this week hurt but helped.
  • that I can't wait for my massage therapy appointment next week.
  • how it takes a village to raise a Sandy.