Thinking about It Thursday

This week, I'm thinking...

  • that it's finally decided to be winter again.
  • how I'm back to running space heaters and wearing fingerless gloves in my office.
  • that apparently I'm leaning into the bullet journal thing.
  • that I was ridiculously excited to get the email that my next StichFix has shipped.
  • how it's almost like Christmas to open that box and see what they've sent.
  • that I've got to keep myself from checking out front every day to see if my package has arrived yet.
  • how it'll probably be early next week when it finally comes. (Tapping fingers on desk.)


  • how it was almost as fun to get my husband subscribed to StitchFix for Men
    • because he absolutely hates going shopping
    • and his wardrobe decreased by at least 50% when he changed jobs last spring and donated all the free logo shirts he owned from the former company
    • and we joked that there would be some very well-dressed homeless men downtown doing some free advertising for said former company.
  • that I was right to convince him that setting up delivery from StitchFix every couple of months would help him update his now-mostly-empty-closet without the grief of having to go to the mall
  • how he whined even just filling out the stupid questionnaire (sigh)
  • how right I was
    • because he actually liked a lot of what was in the first box
    • and he's keeping three shirts (the two button-downs and the flannel)
    • and he grudgingly admitted it was probably a good idea for him. I win.
  • how it's like pulling teeth to get my draft thesis proposal done 
  • that I'm trying not to stress because I'm supposed to be turning it in within the next week
  • how I'll be spending some heads-down time this weekend because I just need to get the monkey off my back.

(The StitchFix link above is a referral link--you'd be helping to support my husband's wardrobe, LOL. If you prefer, just go to and click on the StitchFix for Men tab. This link is not a referral link.)