Thinking about It Thursday

This week, I'm thinking...

  • That it's already September and I'm not entirely sure how that happened.
  • How I'd better use my patio as much as possible while I still can.
  • How I'm writing this while on my patio with my morning coffee.
  • That the dogs really like it when I drink my coffee on the patio. 
  • That I really wish they'd stop eating my ornamental grasses. ("Sammy! Knock that off!") 
  • About my Susan B Anthony mug and how it reminds me that women are pretty cool. 
  • That those flies are still around and still pesky. 
  • How good it feels to finally have all those scarves done. 
  • How I still need to press the dang things. 
  • How that's going to take for-freaking-ever. 
    • So I'd better get my Zen on. 
  • How broken teeth are really just starting to work my very last nerve.
  • How drinking smoothies for the next little while will help a lot in my weight loss goals, though.
    • So there is that.
    • Still n' all...
  • How it's like turning on a lightbulb when I get a project done that I'm not enjoying as much and immediately my brain finally starts percolating with ideas for my next project. 
  • How I can't wait to get cranking on that next project. 
  • That my quilty mojo might be starting to come back.