This blog and podcast are moving soon... soon as the domain redirect happens, in any case. Which could be any time in the next 24-48 hours.

qftru logo.jpg

I am moving my blog and podcast show notes all under one roof. This is a change I've been wanting to make for some time, but never had the time to put it all together. However, some changes on one of my hosts ticked me off and made it too difficult for y'all to be part of the conversation. So I finally enacted something I've been poking away at for awhile.

If you subscribe to my podcast through iTunes, no fears. Nothing has changed there.

However, as soon as that redirect goes into action, when you go to you'll see my brand new, whiz bang website! (I'm not making the link in that sentence active because at the moment it still goes to the old place.)

There's a page for my blog.

There's a separate page for all the show notes to my podcast episodes, plus you'll be able to stream or download episodes from that page too.

Each of those pages has a separate RSS feed, available through a link on the sidebar, so you can subscribe to either of them however you want. You can subscribe to my blog through Feedly or Bloglovin' or whatever your what-you're-using-now-that-GR-is-no-more-of-choice is. You can use your favorite podcatcher to subscribe to the podcast, if you don't get it through iTunes.

The most important thing to me? You'll be able to leave comments on the show notes to my podcast without having to bow down to the Evil Overlord of Facebook. 

Okay, so I use Facebook. I don't mind Facebook. I absolutely detest being forced to use Facebook as my commenting system on my podcast and I detest having listeners not be able to leave comments unless they have a Facebook account.

But let me not get venting again. 

I'm excited about the new site. It's pretty. It has some very nice features for me from an admin point of view. I hope it's easy and attractive for you to navigate from a user point of view. I'm still poking away at some things--it probably won't be fully set up by the time you're first able to visit it. 

But I hope you'll visit. And I hope you'll help me test it out by leaving all sorts of comments!

I'll post here again when the redirect has happened and I'll leave RSS feeds here and such too. Eventually I'll take the time (when I have it again) to actually post a redirect here. So this is just your heads-up. Keep posted!