Wardrobe Wednesday--The Elusive Poncho

By jove, I think we've got it.

If you've been following along in my recent Wardrobe Wednesday posts, you know that I had a bug in my bonnet about getting a poncho I could use for travel, specifically for airports. I'm almost always cold on airplanes, especially long, international flights. But I hate sitting in a jacket. I feel way too constricted. I usually bring a pashmina with me and use it as a blanket, stretched from toes to chin if I'm sleeping, but even that can get problematic, trying to keep myself covered. I thought a poncho might be a good solution, at least for my top half. (The pashmina or plane blanket can still cover my legs and ankles.) Ponchos also seemed to be "on trend" this year so who'd-a-thunk I'd have so many problems finding one?

First of all, many of them are southwestern style, which I don't mind on other people but doesn't generally go with my sartorial vibe. Second, I was pretty picky about the fabric they were made out of. I didn't want to look like I was wearing a sheep, but I did want to be warm enough.

Well, long-story-short, I finally found a couple of possibilities at Chicos (online) and ordered two, figuring I would return whichever one doesn't work.

The first one I ordered was on sale, which is always a plus. This is the Maeve poncho. I loved the color-block look and asymmetrical vibe. 

Don't I model so much better now? Tee hee.

In any case, I got it in the white/black version. Black and white is more universal to go with whatever I might happen to wear on travel days. However, I do like the red version, and I think that would be a good red for me--so many are not! 

The Maeve poncho can be worn off-the-shoulder but I wouldn't plan on wearing it that way--I like the boatneck look it has in the photo with the red version.

Unfortunately, I think I'll be taking this one back. Well, let me clarify that: I'll definitely be returning the white one I got as it has a little hole and a pull in it that would only get worse. And I don't want two black and white ponchos. Whether I replace it with a red one remains to be seen.

It's very lightweight, so it's not warm enough for what I wanted in regards to air travel. However, I do love the way it drapes. It would be a really interesting variation on a work outfit and/or going-out-to-dinner outfit. Rather than a cardigan or jacket of some sort, I could throw on this poncho and look dressy but be very comfortable. It would be a nice weight for my usual conference-room work life, and it's one-size-fits-all so it would move with me through my journey. So, I'm still debating this one (in red) for other uses.

The second one I got, though, tics all the boxes for me.

This is the Talia poncho. It was also on sale--yay for me. 

The Talia is not only much longer than the Maeve, but it's a heavier knit and has a very soft, fleecy interior. It's definitely more blanket-like, but the style and fabric doesn't make it look like you're wearing your comforter out of the house. 

I love the unusual cut on this, and it makes it a little bit warmer since it's almost a cape-like vibe in the back. The way the neckine is made is also nice--the fabric folds under itself so you've just got cozy softness but it's not all bunched up. This will be extremely comfy on the plane.

The only draw-back to having a poncho is carrying my bag over my shoulder through the airport. Chances are, I'll actually put the poncho in the bag during my layovers--I'll be wearing long sleeves underneath and I don't usually find airports all that cold, especially when I'm hoofing it from one gate to the next. However, my totebag that I'll be using as a carry-on does have a cross-body strap as well, which is easier to manage with the poncho. 

In any case, I finally found my travel poncho. Whee!

By the way, I'm not a Chicos affiliate so those links just take you to the site with no benefit to me. Just sharing the good news in case anyone else is looking for ponchos or ruanas--Chicos has a lot of possibilities! I'm eyeing some of the kimono-style light-weight ones to wear over camis or tanks this summer. However, I'm taking a break from adding to my wardrobe for a bit as, now that I've got my poncho, I'm all set for vacay and my big summer work event at the end of June. The one question mark I have left in my head is whether my toe will force me to get some other pair of shoes for my work event, as none of my dressier/professional shoes work with my inserts and I'll be on my feet pretty much all day every day for that one. I'm going to wait to see how my foot does after my cortisone shot (tomorrow!) and a couple of weeks of hard use on vacation. If it's still happy then, I'll be fine with the shoes I have--so fingers crossed!