Wardrobe Wednesday

I've got two StitchFixes to report on--mine and my husband's, as they came within a few days of each other. Most of this will be mine, though, since I know the vast majority of my readers are women.

After the disappointment of the last StitchFix, I was trying to keep expectations low this time around. If I had one item I liked, I'd consider that a win. Well, this time, FIVE! Woot! I've asked if I could stick with the stylist who did this one now (Cori). She's done others that had items I liked. I didn't keep the card from the last box since I sent everything back, so it's possible she also did that one and it was just a one-off. In either case, once someone gets you right, it's worth staying with that same person because she can continue to get to know your likes and dislikes through all your feedback. 

I'd sent a list of the kinds of things I'd like to see in my next box, and she delivered in a major way--woo!

As my husband was out of town, I texted him pics of me wearing each of my items, so I'm going to use (with some fear and trembling) those photos here. Be nice. (!) I was having a bad hair day, the pics were all taken in my bathroom mirror so not the most attractive of backgrounds, and I don't really know how to model, despite my wealth of experience now!


First up, the shoes. I was so excited to see a shoe bag in the box--this is the first time I've gotten shoes from StitchFix! These are a pair of the very soft, very flexible ballet flats that are majorly "on trend" right now. They're pretty much like wearing slippers--which means they'll be great for wearing for date nights and family events, but not for a lot of walking. I wore these all day in my home office and they were quite comfortable. I love the light blush color, too. I may wear them out this Friday night, depending on the weather, when we're getting together for my sister-in-law's birthday. 


I'd asked for floral print sleeveless tops I could dress up or dress down. I wear a lot of this kind of thing for work under cardigans, but they've got enough shoulder coverage that if I start overheating (ahem--women of a certain age) I can ditch the cardigan and still look mostly professional. 

Including this one, I now have three sleeveless off-white/cream tops, each with a floral print, but every one is distinctly different and/or a slightly different color scheme. I'm happy!


Utility jackets are all the thing for spring right now, although I've mostly been seeing them in olive. I'd asked for one because all of my spring jackets are either (1) really, really old and showing their age or (2) too big now, and look it. I have one fuschia trench coat, but nothing that was more appropriate for casual wear, so I asked for a utility jacket. 

I was so pleased to see she'd included one! And even better, it's not olive green! I could've made olive work but it's not my favorite. This one is much more "me," and I absolutely love the stripe detail. I'd unrolled the sleeves in this pic but you can see the snap on the elbow--you can roll the sleeves up and the fabric tab snap to hold them is the same stripe as the hood. It's absolutely adorbs! (And using that phrase isn't really "me," but hey, it works.) 

There's a drawstring waist which means it fits me now but will also fit me later, and it's got great pockets. The fabric has a little stretch to it so it's super-comfortable. Love, love, love. Even though it's barely spring temps out there right now, I'm going to wear it anyway!


I've never been much of a dress person--I have usually done separates as I like to have options of mixing and matching. However, I've begun to buy into the idea that sometimes a dress is just a whole lot easier--throw on one garment, shoes, a necklace, and you're done. No having to figure out "an outfit." So I asked for dresses, and pinned a bunch of wrap and fit-and-flare styles to my Pinterest board since those work best for my body shape. Once again, Cori delivered!

This looks better on me than this angle might suggest--sorry about that. It fits absolutely perfectly, and the fabric is wonderfully comfortable and stretchy, but not clingy. It'll pack beautifully for my trip, too. I love that the v-neck isn't too low, which can often be an issue, and I also love that it's long sleeved but doesn't look heavy. Perfect for cold conference rooms. This is a great dress for work or for dinners out, but I can also throw a denim jacket and flats on and go sight-seeing or to spring festivals. Very versatile. The color is also pretty transitional--it's light enough for spring but the sage green will also make it work into early fall, especially if I wear cardigans and tights. Bingo. 


Ignore that I look really unhappy in this photo--I was concentrating on how to hold the dang phone for the picture.

Two dresses--woo woo! I love this dress, and it was a favorite for my husband, too. It's a ponte knit so, again, it'll travel well and it's got nice structure but is really, really comfortable. The "fit-and-flare" style looks more youthful without looking girlie. (As my daughter said to me once, "You look youthful in that...but in a good way!")

Again, another transitional piece: Because of the cap sleeves, I can wear it in warmer weather but because of the color, I can throw a cardigan or jacket over the top and wear it in the fall. It's modern, and modest enough for work while still fun to wear for vacation with a great necklace and shoes. This one has a little bit more of a formal feel to it than the other one so I don't see myself "dressing it down" to wear casually, but it'll get a lot of wear otherwise.  

So, yay! I've now updated my wishlist for my next StitchFix--there are still a couple of things I'd love to have for vacation (and future travel). I've also changed my delivery date to much earlier in the month--for a few reasons--so I will be getting my next box in just a couple of weeks. Stay posted.

About the shoe reference above: I'm now working with Amber of Trunk Club on shoes. She did such a fantastic job with the sandals I got last time that I just asked her to find me great walking shoes for my vacation. I sent her a laundry list of requirements, so we'll see what happens! Stay tuned (and I'll include more background as to why I'm still in need of shoes despite a bunch of twitter posts since last summer about shoes I've bought, LOL). 

Now for my husband's StitchFix. I actually had a longer post about this drafted but it never got finished or posted, so now you're getting the abbreviated version. In a nutshell: I really didn't think he was going to want any of the items in the box but he ended up keeping them all. They all looked great on him but he can be very limited-in-his-thoughts about what he wears. He's really trying to break out of his own style rut and, frankly, me working on my wardrobe has made him start looking at his a little differently too, tee hee. Here's a gallery of the clothes he's now adding to his closet. One note: The burgundy corduroys are the biggest "envelope-pusher," not at all like anything he'd normally pick out for himself (nor I for him as neither of us is big on corduroy). But they looked fantastic on him, so he decided he'd bring them on vacation where no one knows him to know he normally doesn't wear stuff like that, and see how it goes. 

The StitchFix and TrunkClub links in this post are my referral links, so thank you if you use them!