Wardrobe Wednesday

I'm home! 

I got home from my big summer work trip this week, just past Monday-turning-into-Tuesday. My flight was scheduled to land at 11:30 pm Monday, so I figured I'd be walking in my front door around midnight. We actually landed about 15 minutes early...but then our luggage got stuck in the baggage chute and it took them almost 40 minutes to get everything sorted out so we could pick up our suitcases. I didn't get home until about 12:30. My husband had waited up for me with the dogs, so I got to see my family and, after my husband went on up to bed, I hung out getting puppy cuddles until I was finally ready to go to sleep an hour or so later. Fortunately, as Tuesday was the 4th of July, a big celebration here in the U.S., I had the day off and we had no plans for family events or anything, so I could just laze as much as I wanted to.

I arrived home to a bunch of boxes, one of which was my July StitchFix. As tired as I was Tuesday, I knew I was pushing the three-day limit to send things back so I tried everything on and got my pics. With apologies for not actually quite looking good enough for public viewing, here we go. 


First up...I'd said I'd like some casual t-shirt dresses to wear around the house or to summer festivals and the like.

Gee, can you guess? This red tank-top t-shirt dress SO didn't make the cut.

It's not the most flattering of colors on me, to begin with. You can see how it hangs a little too low in the sleeves and shows the side of my undergarments. It's a little twisted (sorry, didn't notice that when I took the picture) so it doesn't look QUITE as bad on me in real life as this picture might suggest, but still, this was not a keeper for me.

If I want a hot-weather dress to wear on the patio that doesn't look great on me I'll just buy one at Target.

Verdict: Returning.


Another dress-for-summer-festivals they sent me was a much prettier dress overall, but a little fancier than I was picturing, and not a good color on me. I don't have anything against orange but it needs to be a brighter orange or it makes me look like death-warmed-over. Not that I needed much help in that direction the day I took these pictures anyway...

I liked the flutter sleeves on this, and it's a nice, flattering "faux wrap" style. It actually looks better on me than this picture would suggest (I really need to learn how to stand better). But it's not anything I'd wear to a casual summer event. If I had weddings to attend, maybe.  

Verdict: Returning. 


I thought I'd said in my notes to my stylist that I don't wear shorts. Or, maybe I decided at the last minute to change that and allow the shorts thing to happen to see if I could get some good ones (I mostly don't like shorts because I so rarely find a pair that fit right). I don't remember what I said now--I always suffer amnesia about anything I did before leaving town on a work trip. In any case, I not only got a pair of shorts, but they're the frayed-edge, pretending-to-be-cut-off shorts. I haven't worn cut-offs since I was about 15. I'm not going to start wearing them again at 51. 

These were very comfortable shorts--the same brand as the two pairs of leggings I got from StitchFix before vacation that I love. But because they're a stretchy denim (which is why they're so comfy) they look like they're a tight fit, and that's just not an area of my body on which I'm comfortable putting form-fitting clothes.

The top was definitely more my style and nice enough, but I decided I didn't really need another top like this in my summe wardrobe and I'd rather save the bucks at this point.

Verdict: Returning both.


The last item I got this month was a great pair of earrings. I had them on for all of these pics, so you can see they're nice, big "statement earrings." I'd been wanting a big pair of earrings to wear when I didn't feel like wearing a necklace, and this pair has the boho vibe I like, they're silver and go with most of my summer wardrobe, and are pretty lightweight despite their size.

Verdict: Keeping. 

So, out of the whole box, I'm keeping one pair of earrings. That doesn't bother me--in fact, had I loved everything in the box I may have ended up in a dilemma because I really do feel pretty set for summer clothes. 

Stay tuned for those other boxes that came while I was gone...