Woohoo Wednesday! (Something involving thread and fabric, finally!)

Too bad I didn't get this done in time for "Making It Monday" post, but maybe I'll have more progress to show next week.

I finally got my embroidery out again! Yes, I'm still plugging away at the Postcard Cuties Halloween Block of the Month embroidery kit that I should've had done by last Halloween. But there are more Halloweens where that one came from.

Month 4/Block 4 done. 

I'd actually gotten it mostly done several (ahem--weeks? Months?) ago. I only had a few little bits to finish up, so I got it done on one lunch break yesterday. It's hung out in its hoop for awhile so it'll take some serious pressing to get it back into shape. But it's done!

Month 5 is going to take a little longer, however...