Not even a seam…

No sharp things were involved in today’s short stint in the sewing room.


This weekend is completely unscheduled but I also know better than to assume that would mean hours in the sewing room. Groceries needed to be gotten. Clothes needed putting away. And my main focus these last few days has been wrangling my work task list into something less overwhelming, so yes, I spent a little bit of time “working,” although it was all in the name of stress relief. Feeling like things may be dropping through cracks was giving me grief, so a few hours on the weekend spent making sure my organizational system is in order is basically self-care at this point.

So I managed about 20 minutes in the sewing room. Since I was also having an attack of the sleepies at the time, I decided it was safest not to work with rotary cutters or needles. So I measured.

These two UFOs will need a trip to the fabric store to procure backing fabrics. Measurements were taken and math done.

The UFO on the top already has backing fabric but I had lost steam by then and didn’t even feel up to measuring and math.

Tomorrow is another day.