Episode 168 In Which I Have Visa Will Travel


I posted the original episode 168 on Sunday afternoon, then pulled it back off again on Monday morning as I woke up thinking, "Sheesh--I could have done better." So this is the remix version.

In this episode I give a couple of announcements about upcoming happenings in the social networking world of quilters, as well as a Sandy Update including how a Craftsy class helped me figure out a quilt design and how purple dye is back in my life again, and the highlight: My experience of Jenny Doan doing a trunk show. In a nutshell: Fantastic! Plus a podcast suggestion and listener feedback. So much fun in an hour!

Mentioned in this episode:

Twilter Nametag Challenge Flickr group

Podcast series "Serial" 

Missouri Star Quilt Company video of the design I'd like to make: