Episode 199 In Which I'm All About Annie 5-22-16

Here's my new microphone. 

Ain't it cute?

In this episode, I talk about my current--finished!--quilt project: that now-infamous Annie Unrein cosmetics bag. But then I obviously will not let Annie win as I'm going back to the well for another couple of projects, also referenced in this episode. A brief reference to the Jacob's Ladder quilt and another couple of projects I want to do in upcoming weeks.

After all the quilty talk is done, I share some changes I've made in the last few weeks that have made a vast improvement to my physical and mental health. But I do let you know when it's coming so you can turn off if you're just interested in quilty stuff.

Still--I hope you'll leave comments! It's far easier for me to talk to you when you're talking back! :-)

In this episode: 

Quilt blocks for Ft. McMurray, Alberta, Canadahttp://slostudio.ca/post/143898346607/quilts-for-fort-mcmurray

Twilter block swap: Birds in the Air block--check out the Twilters group on Facebook. If you're not a member, let me know.

Annie Unrein's Catch All Caddy (which I think I mistakenly referred to as the Carry-All bag, which is a different pattern altogether)

Annie Unrein's Train Case Trio pattern

Annie Unrein's Ultimate Travel Bag (this is the one I'm doing the Craftsy class for)

Jewelry Roll pattern by ModKid by Patty Young on Craftsy

Upright Duffle Gym Bag by StudioCherie on Craftsy

Gretchen Rubin's books: The Happiness Project, Better Than Before

By the way, I didn't talk about this in the podcast, but I used every dang one of these feet, and a couple others that didn't make it into the picture, at some point in the making of the cosmetics bag...