10 Things Every Serious Quilter Has...

Shout out to KQuilt for starting me down this path. Her recent blog post on "10 Things Every Serious Quilter Has" gave me a giggle tonight and so I asked her permission (we're #twilter buds, donchaknow) to do my own version, which she's graciously given. And so, here's...

10 Things Every Serious Quilter Has (Sandy's Remix)

10 curse words for every time the thread breaks.

9 seam rippers strategically placed throughout the house.

8 fat quarters...times 8...times 8...

7 lint brushes for removing dog or cat or gerbil hair before gifting the completed quilt.

6 quilt books purchased but not read yet.

5 specialty rulers still in their original packaging.

4 pins that have fallen invisibly onto the floor or couch to be found in a fairly painful way by an unsuspecting family member.

3 quilt besties to call when the Quilt Shop Hop Urge hits.

2 glasses of wine at the ready for the next free motion quilting session.

1 constant thought: "When can I get at my sewing machine again?"