Thinkin' About It Thursday

This week, I'm thinking...

  • that hand-dyeing purple scarves just seems to keep coming back into my life.
  • how it just makes much more sense to buy a large volume of purple dye concentrate at this point.
  • that it's a good thing I like the color purple.
  • that weaning myself off coffee before traveling to Burma is probably the safest bet.
  • that Burma is much more of a tea-drinking country anyway. 
  • that I do love me some good tea, so there is that.
  • that it's hard to believe that what essentially comes down to a hand-held blue flashlight can actually kill bacteria when I stick it in a bottle of water.
  • that science rocks.
  • that our votes do count, especially when it comes down to the count of the absentee ballots to figure out who won the election. 
  • that I owe a lot to the suffragettes.
  • that, on the other hand, I'm so glad my phone has stopped ringing.
  • how a week without any evening conference calls nearly feels like I'm on vacation.
  • how good it is to be back in the gym consistently.
  • how lifting weights, while important, isn't a whole lot of fun. 
  • that it's true--you discover muscles you never know you had when you wake up and get out of bed the next morning. Ouch.
  • how the second day muscle-ache is always worse than the first, and that's just kind of weird.
  • that finding a good app for my phone to track my weight lifting and help me set goals has been more of a pain than it should be.
  • how hopeful I am that the one I'm using now will really work out for me. (And how I'll do a review at some point if it does work well.)
  • that I like just having to toss my phone, earbuds, and water bottle in my purse and I'm ready for a solid session at the gym. No notebooks and pens to keep track of. Yay. I hope.
  • that the time change and earlier nightfall really does change my whole sense of time.
  • how, when it's still light out, 7p feels early and I think of all the things I can still do before going to bed, but when it's dark, I find myself thinking, "Sheesh, it's already 7? Where did the day go?"
  • how that means it's probably time to pull out the sun-lamp.