Fight the Funk Friday (Fitness Friday)


I've finally gotten back into a groove this week. I've had several really good sessions at the gym, I was planning out meals and tracking them far better than I'd been, I've been sleeping better and in general in a better mental place (well, mostly, but more about that in a minute).

Friday, Oct 31: Gym. Weights (Legs/Core) and cardio (35 mins elliptical). 8940 steps

Saturday, Nov 1: Not a great day steps-wise. Ran errands (forgot to wear my FitBit grocery shopping), then went straight out to meet up with family members for a beer tasting and then dinner out (not great on the calorie side of things)--no time for gym or a walk or anything. 1979 steps, ahem.  Probably would've been more like 3300 had I been wearing my FitBit at the grocery store given my usual averages.


Sunday, Nov 2: Canal walk with the Sam, 7511 steps. Pretty day, though very windy and a little nippy. Still, he and I both enjoyed being out!

Monday, Nov 3: Gym. Cardio only (45 mins elliptical). 9690 steps. Couldn't quite get in those last few hundred as, post-time-change, it's too dark when I get home from the gym to do laps around the back yard, and the dogs were driving me nuts when I was walking around the house, so I bagged it. 

Tuesday, Nov 4: Gym. Weights (Legs/Core)  and cardio (35 mins elliptical). 7963 steps.

Wednesday, Nov 5: Gym. Weights (Arms/Core) and cardio (35 mins elliptical). 8295 steps. 

Thursday, Nov 6: Not impressive. Couldn't get to the gym or a walk--pouring rain all day, Weight Watchers meeting right after work and from there directly to meeting my husband, son, and son's roommate for dinner (yes, some irony there, but it is what it is--that was the only night my son was available). 2320 steps.  

Planning on some serious gym time this afternoon, though--should be good. Now that I'm doing weights I have less time for cardio and building up steps at the gym. I need to get better about moving during the day again--I've been so "head-down" on deadlines that I'm reverting to old habits of hunching over my keyboard for hours on end, shutting down Stretchclock the second it pops up (or turning it off the day entirely). I've got to stop doing that. The stretching feels so good and does help keep my mind more alert.

From the "good mood" perspective, my anxiety levels are all over the place these days. One day I'll be feeling great, peaceful, centered; the next day my stomach is churning (see above comments about deadlines) and my focus is shot. Yesterday I finally started back to using my meditation apps on my iPhone, another habit I'd gotten out of. I used iSleep Easy last night and it helped me slow my brain down and be ready for sleep. I also like Mindfulness, and Simply Being. Simply Being is part of a "family" of meditation apps, so I'm testing out several in the family and am trying to get in the habit of doing short 2-3 minute moments throughout the day. Breathing is key when you're going into anxiety mode, so it helps! (I'm not adding links to the apps because they'd all be to iTunes--easier for you to just go to your app store and search by name. I don't know if they're available in Droid but if not, I imagine there are other meditation apps that are.)

I don't have many pretty pictures of exotic places the way ozzypip does, but I'm linking up with her Fitness Friday Linky Party. Be sure you check her blog out and travel around Australia with her and her husband on their extended camping trip!