Most recent finish

I named this one "Gardens of Memory" because working on this one really allowed me the chance to honor Mom's quilting memory; it's a particularly impressive piece. It's such a complex and wonderful quilt that I decided to have it custom quilted at Mt. Pleasant to really do it justice. They did a beautiful job--which, unfortunately, you can't really see in these photos.

I queried Mom's friends about this one and no one knows anything about it. We all agree that it has the feel of a possible "round robin" to it (meaning it gets passed from quilter to quilter and everyone adds a border until it comes back to the original owner to finish). But it could just as easily have been something Mom did on her own. The border feels very "Mom" to me--the colors, the way the applique was handled. I also think I may have seen scraps from the inner border--the green floral--in Mom's stash. It's a mystery.

So, if anyone knows anything about this--let me know!

Right now this one is resting on our guest room bed, although I'm not going to allow it to be a bed quilt--at least, not one that gets a lot of use. But I also don't have the heart to squirrel it away in storage, either. So I'll keep it visible for awhile and then put it away when the room is going to be used again.
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