Momufo finished--Sandufo well on it's way!

Another Momufo done! Well, pert' near, anyway. I have to do a little work on the corners and slap a label on the puppy and then it's done. I had this one machine quilted at Mt. Pleasant along with the flag quilt and garden quilt (previous post). This one was just a pantograph--all over falling leaves. Can't see the quilting at all in this pic, sorry. It's a large quilt--took my husband and daughter both holding up sides of it and me standing way outside my front door to get this picture.

I tried a new method of binding that I'm either never going to do again, or keep practicing it until I get it right. Not sure which at the moment. It's the do-it-all-by-machine method, where you sew the binding on the back, flip it to the front and then use your machine and a decorative stitch or blind stitch to sew it down. I didn't quite get my front and back seams in the same place so I'm not keen on the way it looks in the back. The front isn't too bad. Not show-worthy, but I don't particularly worry about that anyway.

I have a couple of other Momufos left to do but they'll probably take me awhile to get to. One has a LOT of work to do but it's a really nice piece that Mom designed in EQ so I want to get it done for her. The other one is just a kit that she'd started--it's a nice springy piece with hydrangea fabric that I think is cute so it's not high priority, but probably fast once I dig into it.

Meanwhile, back to my own UFOs, or "Sandufos" for awhile. I got the borders on today so I finally have the top completely pieced on my square-in-a-square class project! Woohoo! See my blog post from March with a photo of the center part of this quilt finished--I explain how it all came to be in that post.
I just LOVE that border fabric. It's absolutely perfect for pulling in all the colors of the center. It's another Moda, although from a different line (this quilt started with a bunch of fat quarters from Moda's "chocolat" line from a few years back.) I'm a big fan of Moda. I originally intended to do mitred borders but decided at the last minute to do a slightly wider border, which didn't leave me quite enough fabric for the mitre. So it's butted, but once it's quilted you'd probably never even know.

I'm going to have it machine quilted at Mt. Pleasant as well. I've been living with this quilt for almost two years now--I just want it done! Can't decide if I'll have a custom job or just a pantograph. I've grown to like this quilt, but I'm not sure I love it, which is what I'd need to do to pay for a custom quilt job!