It's a Play Date!

My sister arrived last night around 7p and we sat up far too late into the night catching up. And then, of course, my body just wouldn't let me sleep in this morning--wide awake at 6a. Go figure. I brewed extra coffee--and not just because of my sister being around--and sat with a quilty magazine for awhile until my sister wandered downstairs as well. My son is house-sitting for my in-laws, and my husband had driven my daughter up to spend the weekend with another of my sisters and spent the night, so it was just my sister and me this morning--a nice, quiet entry to the day.

Then we got rolling. I'll post pictures of the process later--or, at least, what I remembered to take pictures of. For now, suffice it to say that my hands are stained all sorts of colors; both my sister and I have decided we're not keen on gesso; I've got my creativity challenge project in pieces and laid out on my cutting table waiting for me to make more decisions in the morning; I got to play with my sister's serger and made myself a tablecloth (more stashbusting); and just to cap it off, I pulled out my angelina fibers for the first time in over a year and just had fun melting different colors together. For no purpose, really. Just playing. And I got the backing pieced for another charity quilt. Just have to hit it with some spray baste and it'll be ready for quilting.

Oh, and I've now ordered myself some Golden Digital Grounds as per Heidi's advice. I should have it in a few days. I have high hopes.

So, altogether a very relaxing day, a productive day, and fun! Hope you're having a nice Memorial Day weekend as well!