Some great blog entries

Thanks to Google for Google Reader! I follow several dozens of blogs now because, using Google Reader, I can skim through new entries in a relatively sort period of time and easily find which ones I want to read more thoroughly.

I'm spending a quiet morning going through new blog posts (I got a bit behind so GR informed me I had over 100 posts waiting for me to check them out--not as overwhelming as you'd think when I can just scroll down through titles in one window to find the ones I really want to read). Figured I'd share a few particularly pertinent ones with you:

Mary Lou Weidman's Ode to Color (Related to my recent podcast episode on color inspiration--see all the places you can look?)

The QuiltRat Uses Lutradur (Another way to use Lutradur--gorgeous!)

Elizabeth Barton's blog on composition (A great blog overall on applying art principals in quilting--but this particular entry has a nice outline of some composition principles, something I wish I was much more conversant in.)

By the way, I'm probably going to hate myself shortly. I'm not quite done with the EQ6 class with Quilt University--I've got my last class to finish this week and it looks like a doozy--and I just signed up for two more classes, one of which started three days ago. So I'll have to catch up with that first class this week. But I couldn't resist--it's a class on color. Had to be done. The other class starts June 11 (on design and composition) so although I'll once again be doing two classes at once for a week or so, it shouldn't be as bad. That's the beauty of online classes--you can fit them in whenever you need to, even at 11p in your jammies!

My sister and I are heading off to the Craft Antique Co-Op for a morning of poking around the booths. Nice way to spend a vaction day!