Construction always takes awhile

Reformat hard drive. Check.
Reinstall OS. Check.
Reinstall drivers. Check.
Update OS and drivers from websites. Check and check.
Restore files. Check. (Phew--that's always a nail-biter.)
Reinstall software. Check. Check. Check. Check. Check.....

I'm always surprised by the amount of software I use on a weekly basis. I had made a list of everything on my laptop before reformatting, thinking that this would be a good opportunity to get rid of stuff I don't use anymore, or trial versions, whatever. But actually, I'm pretty good at staying on top of that normally. So when I looked at the list at the beginning of the weekend, there was very little on it that I didn't need to reload.

It takes forever. Yiminies.

I've got most of the major software reloaded--just one more biggie to go. Then lots of little softwares that take care of all sorts of little tasks, or support the big software programs. At least I should be able to be productive tomorrow while I'm still loading the rest of it. That's something, anyway. And yes, my little hard-working laptop is running just a bit more smoothly in general. So that's something else.

Then I just have to get all the settings back to the way I like them. Ever thought about how much personalization you've given everything you work with? Let me just say it again.