An Early Taste of Halloween

Remember Jan, the "quilters like the rest of us" interviewee in episode 22 "In Which We Teach the Children"? Well, she just had a quilt featured in the Embroidery Library Stitcher's Showcase. Check it out! It's always fun to watch someone's quilt come together--I didn't participate in this round robin (I never do--don't want others to have to deal with my errors!) but I do remember enjoying show n' tell for each round, as everyone displayed what blocks they'd made for their turn in the round-robin. Even having seen all the blocks while the round-robin was in progress, seeing the finished product is still, somehow, a surprise. Individual blocks are fun, but seeing it all come together with the final flair provided by the quilt owner herself? Priceless.

On the electronic front, I've gotten all the major software reinstalled and am at least functional at this point. Now I'm just putting together all the little bits and pieces, re-setting all my preferences, creating shortcuts in all the places my mouse just naturally seems to head to, and trying to get my laptop to remember the docking station is a happy place and not something that should make it scream "ERROR! ERROR! GET ME OFF THIS THING!" every time I try to plop it on its little widgets. So far this afternoon it's behaving itself. Here's hoping a good night's sleep will make us all have a sunnier outlook by morning.

Tonight's the only night I have home this week until Friday. I'm hoping for some quality time with my sewing machine while I ponder possible topics for a podcast episode. I have about four in the works--just have to decide which one would fall together with the least sweat in a week I'm almost never home. I plan to record and post either Friday night or Saturday. I think I might be feeling antique-y. That's just a clue, and I reserve the right to change my mind. :-)