Pinwheels Progress

Pinwheels Progress
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It's been awhile since I posted--sorry. I've had a lot of evening commitments lately and what time I had free I was trying to spend sewing. That being said, not a lot of sewing getting done! I've got all the pinwheels done for the center of my wallhanging. I'm partway through with the pinwheels I'm doing for the corners of the borders. The pinwheels in the center won't be set like this--I'm going to be doing white sashing to float them a little bit.

Haven't entirely decided what I'm doing with the borders yet. I'm debating a couple of possibilities--I'll make the final decision once the center is done.

And then I'll have fun with some embellishments!

I'm on the road this weekend so I'm not sure I'll get a lot more done anytime soon. Fortunately, this is an easy project to pick up where I left off anytime I can get back to it.