And the answer is...Snail's Trail!

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I probably threw some of y'all off since I didn't exactly have things laid out where they'd eventually end up. Hard to do that when you only have half the pieces.

I've always wanted to make one of these blocks. Not quite sure what the allure is for me. It's just so charming. Or a little yiccky, if you allow yourself to imagine what it's actually named after. But I used to keep little snail "farms" in bowls over the summer when I was little, so maybe there's a nostalgia factor at work.

Not sure I'll end up with any time to start sewing tomorrow--packed day. Sunday looks a little better for progress on this front. I guess you could say I'm working at a (wait for it...) snail's pace, guffaw.

I can't get the lighting quite right--this is taupe and black, not taupe and green as it sort of looks in this pic. "But I thought it was a warm color challenge, Sandy?" Hold your horses, sister. It's coming!

This is actually a little higher contrast than I'd been picturing when I did the original design in EQ but it should still work. Could also turn out to be a hot mess. This is the stage at which I always start doubting myself. But I've learned that's just part of the process. I'll get over myself soon enough.

DD made her first solo trip home today from college for a weekend visit--something around 4 hours by herself involving expressways and thruways and tollbooths. I tried to busy myself with other things so I wouldn't keep imagining the burning heap of rubble at the side of the road. She made it safely as I really knew she would when my Catastrophic Thinker Brain wasn't taking over, and we saw her all of about two hours before she was back out the door again to hang with her local buds. Yep, she's a college girl for sure now!