Ricky Tims Super Seminar Report

I just posted a podcast episode with my reflections on the Ricky Tims Super Seminar that I attended this past weekend, so here are just a few pics to go with. (Sorry about the low quality--I was taking them on my phone from a fair distance in weird lighting!)

Ricky Tims

Alex Anderson

Libby Lehman

Libby Lehman, Ricky Tims, Alex Anderson

Ricky's Kaleidoscope technique sample (on screen)

Ricky Tims concert Friday evening--included music and storytelling

Exhibit of presenters' quilts as well as some made by others that are in Ricky's personal collection

Ricky Tims quilt made using Caveman technique

Libby Lehman "Windfall" quilt

"Windfall" detail

Ricky Tims' new quilt "Heartlines" (I think--didn't write down name of quilt when he mentioned it and couldn't get close enough to label in the show to see it)

"Heartlines" detail

Detail of another Ricky Tims quilt--I took this one because I liked the way the metallic thread (I think it's Razzle Dazzle) was used along edge of applique. Didn't take picture of whole quilt.

Ricky Tims--one of the Rhapsody quilts (quilt is bed-sized--hard to tell size from this picture)

My purchases. Ricky Tims hand-dyed fabrics: 1 yard of multi-colored on far left, half yards of all the others. Another multicolored in brights is on the far right--sorry it got cut off in this picture. Three variegated Superior threads, one water-soluble thread, Ricky Tims Stable Stuff stabilizer, Libby Lehman "A Day of Thread Play" DVD. (The Fat Quarter Shop label you may notice way at the top is the rest of the backing fabric I'd ordered to finish my baby quilt--so that gives you a peek at the backing!)