A finish! Disappearing Pinwheel

Remember how this all got started?

Well, it's finally done! Drum roll please:

I had it longarmed at my LQS and, as usual, said "quilter's choice." I didn't have a strong opinion about what I wanted, so I let the experts decide. Here's a close-up of the design and thread they chose. (Sorry it didn't come out very clearly--my portable quilt hanger had problems holding the quilt still while I was doing the close-up. Should've just used a table at that point.)


I'd picked it up a from the LQS a couple of days before I left town but didn't get to it; I was still half asleep from my week of meetings when I tackled the binding this weekend. Fortunately, binding is the kind of thing I can accomplish without having to be overly awake. That being said, I'm quite pleased with how much I've progressed in my skills with doing binding entirely by machine. This one turned out the best yet! I just need to go in and tack down the diagonal seam on the mitered corners by hand to make it look clean. Maybe I should always wait until I'm in full-on zombie mode before I sit to do a machine binding...