Another Momufo complete--and not by me!

When Mom passed away in 2009, I was the only quilter daughter. Technically speaking, I'm still the only quilter daughter although now I have a sister who's--ahem--dabbled her toes a bit. In any case, at the time, going through Mom's incomplete projects mostly fell to me. I sorted them out into those I wanted to complete myself versus those I'd be okay giving away to others to complete.

Those I was okay with sending off to other homes, I brought to a guild meeting one evening and asked if anyone would be interested. Several folks took the bait and I distributed most of those I had brought with me. The rest went into various donation locations. 

This week, one of Mom's UFOs (long ago designated as Momufos) came back home to roost. This one had originally been taken by Jan, then, when she was cleaning out some of her stash last year, Lori saw it in a stack and liberated it to go home with her. Where it then sat for awhile.

You see, the issue was mostly that it was round and had no border or anything, so although (to my recollection) the top was pieced, it would've taken some doing to finish it off adequately. Frankly, my guess is that's why it had been a UFO in the first place--Mom probably lost steam! 

When Lori heard about my niece having the first baby of the next generation on my side of the family, she looked at this piece again and sudden inspiration hit. At our guild meeting earlier this week, she presented me with the reworked UFO as a completed baby quilt. It's adorable. I said I'd likely keep it at my house for my great-niece to use when she's here, but also to give me the option of having it to give to another baby whenever my great-niece gets a sibling or a cousin. (My great-niece has several baby quilts to her name now, between me, her daddy's mother who's also a quilter, and my non-quilter-so-far-sister who made her a cuddly minky blanket. So I don't mind holding this one off for awhile!)

Thanks, Jan, for keeping it safe for a bit, and thanks, Lori, for the inspiration that made you finish it off! It's a nice memory of my Mom to be able to hand down to another generation at some point.