Flimsy Finish Finished Further

You may recall an earlier version of this sans borders from a post last week or thereabouts.

I decided to give it borders as I wanted it somewhat bigger. A search at an LQS turned up one of the fabrics that was in the original charm pack. I'd wanted a funky happy floral border but couldn't find one that worked. I wasn't thrilled with the border fabric until I got home and was able to find a good inner border fabric in my stash that set everything off nicely. I'd still have preferred a floral, but this works. At the moment, I'm just calling it "Good Morning," which is terribly uncreative as that's the name of the fabric line of the charm pack. But, like the border, it works.

I had to piece my backing--never my fave task--because I didn't have quite enough of any one fabric. I'll do a picture of that when it's finished.

It's all basted and ready for me to quilt. I may not get to that before I skip town for work in a couple of days...we'll see...

BTW, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Craftsy is having a big summer sale from Thursday 6/5 through Monday, 6/9--all online classes are up to 50% off. I may have to move one from my wish list to my "to be completed" list! Gotta love half off!

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