Going non-verbal for a bit...


I've well and truly entered into the writing phase of my thesis. Which means that, by the end of the day, I can't really put two coherent thoughts together to keep up with the blog. It's quite likely that there will be mostly radio silence from my end for the remainder of my sabbatical, which ends after Labor Day. I'm one chapter down, four to go, and have a very limited time left to get it done! 

I'm also trying to up my activity as stress relief and as occupational therapy for my foot. Auggie and I got in over a mile on the canal yesterday when I finished writing. I decided today that I've got to stop comparing how my foot feels with how it felt last fall before all the nonsense began (IOW, when it didn't hurt as all) as that just brings me down. Instead, I'm going by a new benchmark which is how it felt when I came home right after I had surgery. Using that one, it's getting better. I did have a fantabulous session with my personal trainer today and probably won't be able to lift my arms by Saturday. So there is that.

If you're on Twitter and Instagram I'm still present there, because I can manage the occasional 140-characters. And pictures of puppies. And such.  

This will all be over soon enough!