Thinkin' About It Thursday and Halloween Project

This week, I'm thinking...

  • How I'm unexpectedly filling in this weekend for a guest speaker who came down with a virulent flu this week and so today had to cancel her presence at the engagement.
  • That if it doesn't rain it'll be a nice drive tomorrow downstate to where the speaking engagement is being held, a drive through all sorts of fall color.
  • How I am looking forward to being with the group and I do always enjoy doing these kinds of engagements.
  • That I'm now doubly-glad I got a little sewing done yesterday during my comp day off after being gone for work last weekend too.
  • That I'm feeling good about using my Alexander Henry Ghastlies collection finally, even if I'm not using it the way I'd originally intended.
  • That my daughter will get a kick out of having Halloween pillowcases in her dorm room.
  • That I'm pretty sure my daughter doesn't read my blog. And if she does, well, oops--happy surprise Halloween gifty, baby girl.
  • That tonight I'm going to celebrate my son's birthday by dinner out with him, my husband, my son's roommate, my nephew, and my mother-in-law.
  • That it'll be a nice time even if at this point I'm pretty much heartily sick of restaurant meals.
  • How I'm going to make something homemade for dinner on Sunday to detox.
  • That after some last minute panic-fixes today to my visa application for my trip to Burma, I'm hoping that's now been settled too.
  • That I won't really relax about that until my passport and visa are back in my hands again.
  • That there's nothing I like better than the smell of leaves on the ground as I kick through them while walking the doggies, so I'm reminding myself to "just breathe."

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