Oops. I lost a few days in there somewhere.

I just now realized it's (Sleepy) Saturday. Which means I missed Thinkin' about It Thursday and Fight the Funk Friday.

That's okay--I wasn't thinkin' about much and didn't fight the funk really at all this week. Busy week, although a great week, with a week-long online event for work that meant late nights and not a lot of good sleep. Plus, when I wasn't on my computer for work, I was very conspicuously staying off my computer to give myself a little break time. 


But just to show that I was still in the game otherwise: I have made good progress with my Sue Spargo embroidery class this week. Embroidery is a nice antidote to computers, I found. And I got myself organized for my next Craftsy class--stay tuned for more on that. And I finished quilting the Disappearing 4-Patch baby quilt. That puppy just needs binding now.  

And I read lots of quilty blogs, even if I couldn't quite get up the mental energy to be leaving a lot of comments. (Sorry, Friend Bloggers, but I enjoyed what I read! ) Always a nice thing to do over coffee. And more coffee. And some more after that.

Today I'm off to another art quilt design class with a bunch of my quilty peeps. It'll be a seriously fun day...that is, if I don't do a faceplant on my sewing machine.