Thinkin' about It Thursday

This week, I'm thinking... 

  • How absolutely, fantastically, overwhelmingly good it is to see sun again. 
  • That a little sun makes a huge difference to my overall mood. 
  • That even after three days of 40s (and dabbling toes briefly in the 50s) I can still only see a little patch of green on our front slope. 
  • How it's still good weather for driving around with the sunroof and windows open. 
  • How sore my fingertips are from embroidery.
  • That I'm going to have to keep practicing that darn rosette chain stitch.  
    • Waterloo. 
    • Dang, that one's tricky.  
2015-03-05 14.39.33.jpg
  • That my favorite stitch so far has been the fly stitch. 
  • How fun it is to do the same stitch in different lengths, widths, tensions, and with different threads, to see how completely different it can look. 
  • Because that means I can use my favorite stitch a few different times and most people wouldn't even notice it's the same stitch.


  • That I've once again put a quilt in a show--my second time ever. 
  • How I noticed something I should've fixed even as I was putting the quilt into a bag for drop-off at the quilt shop hosting the show.
  • That hopefully it'll be hung a bit above eye level. 
    • So no one can look too closely. 
    • But it's not too noticeable, really.
    • And is just due to using old fusible.
    • So that makes it the fusible's fault and not mine, right?
  • That I'm looking forward to my day off on Friday and will be going to my guild's sew days, even if just for a few hours. 
  • How I need to figure out tonight how many strips and squares a certain honkin' big quilt will take so I can cut them while surrounded by buddies to keep me from thinking about how mind-numblingly boring all that cutting is.
  • That, other than DD coming home for spring break, I have nothing scheduled for this weekend and that feels great! 
    • Other than an eye appointment
    • And they'll dilate my pupils
    • So I won't be able to see really well for awhile
    • And going to the quilt show to see my and my friends' quilts hanging will be poorly timed if I'm still wearing sunglasses. 

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