Progress and Goals--Week of April 26, 2015

My goals for this week were to:

  • Learn two more stitches for Sue Spargo class project
  • Finish prayer flag
  • Finish Anne Unrein's Everything in Its Place bag from Craftsy class
  • Make a solid list of my UFOs


Wing Bling

Wing Bling

  • Stitching: Wheee! Boy, did I have fun this week. I did some woven circles, which (once I got the hang of it) were a beautiful way to showcase some particularly yummy threads. I also got into some wing bling (thanks to @Scooquilt, aka Valerie, for the phraseology). The photo at left is my first beading attempt. Here I was using a fly stitch and attaching the bead to the "leg" of the fly, keeping my stitches pretty small so all you'd see was the bead. I chose that stitch because it also helped hold the edge of the appliqued fabric down, which was showing an alarming tendency to pull away from the machine applique stitches I'd originally used on it. A few extra hand stitches, some beads to distract your eye from the fraying edges of the fabric, and bingo-bango, a finished look. Can you tell I was enjoying myself? I've got more plans for beads--Sue Spargo shows several in the final lesson of the class that I can't wait to try out. 
  • Finish prayer flag: Pret' near done. I've completed the design: I just need to figure out how I'm backing it and such. I'm going to take a few minutes on it as soon as I'm done with this post so my plan is that it'll be done before the end of the afternoon.
Vinyl pockets for bag. 'Nuff said.

Vinyl pockets for bag. 'Nuff said.

  • Anne Unrein class project bag: Well, I did make some progress. So there is that. 
  • Solid list of UFOs: Done. Note that on the top of this blog page (if you're on my website), there's a link for another page that used to be pictures of my WIPs. I never kept it updated so I repurposed the page--it now has a complete list of all my WIPs, UFOs, and projects I've decided to "disappear" in one way or the other. I'll do my best to keep this updated. I know y'all will be far less interested in reading it than I am, but maybe knowing it's out there for all the world to see will keep me on track!

Goals for This Week:

  • Do I even say I want to finish the Annie Unrein bag, or should I be more realistic and just say "Make progress on....?"
  • Complete mug rug for swap. (I'm starting that this afternoon too--not sure how long it'll take me as the design keeps getting more complex in my head every time I think about it, LOL.)
  • Complete three butterflies on Sue Spargo project. I'm actually pretty much done with the class. I've watched all the lessons and if I didn't use every single stitch she demonstrates, I used at least one or two from each "group" of stitches. There's one stitch she shows in one of the last lessons that I want to practice, but after that, it's really just a matter of finishing the project. To do that, I'll be re-using a lot of stitches I've already done in other areas; so instead of focusing on numbers of new stitches, now I'll be setting goals towards completion of the project. I've got 15 butterflies in total, plus background. I've done bits and pieces of several of the butterflies as I was choosing where I wanted to practice each stitch, so now I'm going back and looking at each butterfly as a unit to determine what it needs to be finished. I'd like to finish off at least three butterflies this week.
  • Make block. I'm doing a block for a quilt for a friend, so I need to get my block done this week. 

(I'm not including finishing the prayer flag on this list as in my head, it's really already done.)