Sedona Series Experiment #1

The results from my first attempt at recreating some of the colors I saw in Sedona:

2013-08-09 14.41.03.jpg

Fabrics #1, #3, and #6 were pure samples of new dyes I'd just bought: Camel, Ecru, and Stormy Grey. The Ecru looks much more light gray on my computer screen in this picture than in person--it's more a greeny-pink, or a pinky-green. Interesting, in either case. The others are blends as I tested various combinations of dyes I have on hand to see how close I could come to an orange/red/brown (not quite rust but almost). The last one, the green, was playing with other dye combinations just for fun.

I didn't quite get what I was going for this time around, although the results were really nice nonetheless. Seriously dig the Cabernet color I got in #2. I'll definitely be keeping samples of all of these for future use. Meanwhile, back to the dye studio to play with more combinations.

No, I'm not looking up anyone else's recipes to make this easier. 'Cause I'm ornery like that, you know. (I believe in experiential learning. I'll know more in the long run that way. Besides, playing is just a lot more fun.)  

Short break in the dye fun as I speedily try to knock out a few quilts I should've started months ago...