So here’s a twist to my holiday celebrations...

I just had an appointment with podiatrist this afternoon and after establishing that I’m just so DONE with all this foot cr*p, we’ve scheduled a re-do on the surgery for next week, between Christmas and New Year’s. I wanted to have it done before the end of 2017 for insurance purposes, plus there’s no really good time this spring in which I can be laid up for a few weeks at a time. Even now it’s cutting it close as I have to be on a plane MLK Jr weekend, but it’s a direct flight so the fact I’m in a boot won’t be too much of an issue in the airports.  

Here’s the kicker. If you recall, the joint replacement implant I had done in July was a new type of implant that had rave reviews. My doctor said he’d researched it thoroughly again after our last appointment and I’m the first one he could find any evidence of who has not had a good experience with it. Bully. I normally like being a ground-breaker, but that’s not the kind of ground I’d like to break. Oh well—I’ll consider myself as blazing a trail for other unfortunate souls for whom this particular physical technology may also not work in the future. When we re-do the replacement next week, we’ll be going back to the traditional method that has a more established track record. 

Meanwhile, my kids and an entourage of friends will be here New Year’s Eve. I’d planned on cooking. Instead, I’ve let them know it’s going to have to be pot-luck, as I’ll be on the couch with my foot propped on pillows, and quite possibly celebrating the New Year on Percocet.  

Here’s hoping this time it sticks.