The Day Has Come (but Plans for the Future)

I’m about two hours away from heading for the outpatient surgical center for the re-do foot surgery. I’m trying to distract myself from not being able to eat or drink anything—even water. I had to cut it off at midnight last night. Consequently, now that it’s mid-morning, I’m a little hungry, very thirsty, and seriously missing my morning coffee.  

I’m also awaiting UPS to bring me my Amazon shipment of a foam mattress pad to make our couch more comfortable for my prone days, a molded cushion to keep my foot elevated more easily than last time, and a cast-cover for the shower so hopefully I won’t have to take 10 minutes to prep my foot every time I want to get cleaned up. Best laid plans, anyway. I’ve also already set up my “nest” with all the chargers and plugs I’ll need to keep my electronics going all day, a few books, and a comfy quilt. I’m ready as I’ll ever be.

We had a wonderful, if very quiet, Christmas. This was the first year both of my kids stayed in their own apartments on Christmas Eve and came over Christmas morning. They got to our house around 8a and we had a few hours of gifts, my traditional cinnamon quickbread Christmas breakfast, and just catching up with each other. Then both kids left again to go back to their apartments to relax and get ready for our big family gathering in the afternoon at my brother- and sister-in-law’s house, so my husband and I had a few hours of quiet reading and hanging out with the dogs. (I was also chopping veggies for my contribution to the party, but I wasn’t doing anything terribly complicated so I mostly relaxed.) We went to the in-laws mid-afternoon and got home pretty late. It was fantastic seeing everyone and we had a great time playing “Heads-up” with the crew. Our Christmases are distinctly different now that we have adult kids (and all their cousins have grow’d up too)—We miss the “magic” of Christmas that exists with little ones but I have to say it’s a whole lot less exhausting! 


So—in an optimistic fit of hope for more time to sew in my future (once I can be back on my feet again), I finally succumbed to the lure of yet another subscription box, but this one with fabricy-goodness involved. I looked at a few but decided that Fat Quarter Shop’s Sew Sampler box probably fit where I was now the best. We’ll see. It’s hard to imagine I need any more notions, but my fabric collection could use updating since it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten fabric for anything other than specific projects. Frankly, I’ve been sorely tempted to just off my entire stash and start over. I have a lot of fabrics that have been on my shelves for a long, long while. At some point, I may just decide “if I haven’t found the right project for them yet, I probably never will,” and sell them at a stash sale or something. Meanwhile, I do want to keep things fairly fast and simple for awhile until I’ve well and truly gotten my quilty mojo back, so doing the Sew Sampler box with its monthly block pattern and other project suggestions may be a good way for me to get the wheels oiled again.

Let me know: Do you get a quilty subscription box? If so, which one and why did you choose that one? What’s been your experience?