SPOILER ALERT: Kimberly Einmo Mystery Quilt

If you're doing the Kimberly Einmo Mystery Quilt "Chain of Stars" in Craftsy and do not want to see what the end result is, close this blog post now! Quick! Now! Stop reading! Step away from the blog post, ma'am, there's nothing to see here.

* * * * *

Okay, for everyone else, here we go.

I enjoyed doing this--so much so I did it twice at the same time. She offers instructions for four sizes so I chose the wallhanging size, noting that it's actually a decent size for lap quilts.

Here's the version I did all in batiks. I had most of this in my stash but did add two fabrics to give more contrast.


My daughter has claimed that one for her own. Since she's "fun-sized," (as she describes her diminutive height), this one works well for her to use as a lap quilt. The backing and binding are a dark purple batik I had in my stash.

For the second one, I decided to go a completely different direction and use black, white, and red. I had most of it in my stash, but bought a couple of fabrics to round it out a little bit. This one seemed to be floating off into the distance with all the white around the outside of the design, so I added borders to ground it. (The backing is the red/white/black print from the front, and I used the same as binding).


My nephew claimed this one while it was still on my design wall. I texted him this afternoon to let him know it was ready for him to pick it up. His response was, "Omg!!!!! Yay!!!!" Nice to have such an enthusiastic recipient for my quilts.

I had them both quilted by the longarmer at Mt. Pleasant Quilting Company. I asked for pantographs with threads that would blend, but left it up to the quilter's choice from there.

Here's a close-up of the quilting on the batik quilt:

2013-05-19 17.18.04.jpg

 And a close-up of the quilting on the red, white, and black quilt. It's hard to see in this picture but the thread is variegated black-to-gray.

2013-05-19 17.19.53.jpg

Doofus (Sam) is up at the cottage with my daughter for most of the summer, playing in the lake and generally getting messy and having a great ol' Golden time. Princess Doggie (Spencer) stayed home with us because she, well, let's just say she doesn't like change very much.

In any case, to stay with my Dogs and Quilts theme, here's Princess Doggie doing her best to make me happy, which is her general modus operandi.

2013-05-19 17.18.38.jpg

(She's not smiling so much as pleading with me to please love her please please please love her love her please....)

2013-05-19 17.20.15.jpg

("I submit! I submit! Please love me...please please please love me love me love me...")

By the way, depending on when you read this, you still have a couple of days left to enter my Kimberly Einmo Craftsy Class Giveaway on my previous podcast episode! You could win this Chain of Stars class, or her other Magical Jelly Rolls class, for free! Enter using the link on the podcast show notes here.