Thinkin' about It Thursday

This week, I'm thinking... 

  • how little we appreciate feeling normal (normally awake, normally healthy) until we haven't felt that way for weeks on end.  
  • that normal is very, very good. 
  • that it's nice to finally get things done. 
    • like a trip to the post office I should've done weeks ago
    • and getting some groceries back in the house again. 
  • that my first block for the 2015 Craftsy BOM with Jinny Beyer was a great learning experience, if only to learn that I probably won't ever hand-piece a block again and was right to always do my best to avoid templates every chance I get. 
  • that as great a work trip as I just had last weekend, it's really nice to know I don't have a work trip again for several weeks. 
  • that I'm looking forward to maybe getting a lot of progress made on quilty projects now. 
  • that snow is fun if one can (1) sled, (2) ski, or (3) pile it on top of fabric and coat it with pretty, pretty colors.