Thinkin' About It Thursday

(If you're looking for the 2015 Quilty Resolution Challenge, click here.)

This week, I am thinking...

  • that six weeks away from work is a very long time. 
  • how proud I am of how well I'd organized myself before I left so re-entry wouldn't be too horribly painful. 
  • that the stressful fall was worth it since I'm not behind the 8-ball now.
  • how being back in a routine isn't altogether a bad thing. 
  • that colds stink. 
  • how I may have had a bad reaction to the malaria meds but at least I didn't get off the airplane with bronchitis the way I did when I went to Thailand; but before I pat myself on the back, wait a minute....No, I had to go and catch a cold from some dang family member or another over the holidays.
  • that they say most accidents happen within two miles of home. Like family members gifting you with germs.
    • Put a bow on that package, why doncha.
      • Ratzifratzit.
  • how Ricola doesn't mix well with peppermint tea and honey. 
  • how I'd just gotten my quilty mojo back when I started sneezing.
  • how the great quilty progress I'd made over the weekend has now come screeching to a halt. 
  • that I'm a whiner. 
  • that I promise you--once my throat stops hurting I'll do that second Burma episode like I've promised. Promise.
    • Ratzifratzit.