Thinkin' about it Thursday

This week, I'm thinking...

  • how much Auggie is enjoying watching the Olympics.
  • that I've never had a TV-watching doggie before. 
  • how sometimes I question his taste in shows (although we do agree on the Olympics).

  • how great it feels to be sewing again--and I got a UFO done! (Pillowcases for one of my great-nieces, as I'm doing a quilt for her baby sister.)
  • that it was also great to have something for show n' tell this week at guild (although I haven't shown it here on the blog yet as it's a gift so it's under wraps until it's gifted).
  • how I'm glad I thought to bring my four bags stuffed with books to guild, free for the taking; I came home with only two bags. Woo!
  • that I need to brush up on FMQ now to finish the gift in time for the giving.
  • how I'm positive I'll be getting my Cotton Cuts and Sew Sampler boxes soon and it's like waiting for Santa.

  • that, even though I refuse to knit or crochet, it's nice to have friends who do! Thank you to @sarahinhouston for making me this adorable little sloth! He's perched on my sewing machine and actually stays put while I sew. (I haven't named him yet. Suggestions?)

  • how much fun I'm having now that I'm 95% done with school
  • how I've finally joined the church choir like I've wanted to for years
  • that I love being part of something at church that doesn't depend on my presence so I can travel for work and know that the choir is just fine without me.
  • how much I realized I missed singing in a choir as soon as I started singing in one again.
  • how it even got me inspired to finally take my flute off the shelf it's been sitting on for probably 15 years or more.
  • that, although the flute needs some serious cleaning now, and I've totally lost my embouchure (my lip strength), I actually didn't sound half bad when I played a little at lunch time.
  • that I might sign up for a few lessons just to get me rolling again.
  • how good it felt to be playing even as I was wincing at missed notes and slow fingers.

  • how nice it is to have a grand-kitty I can cat-sit while his mom is away on vacation.
  • that I have an endless "animals on parade" in my house for a week: Nikola (the cat, as in "Tesla") is fascinated by Spencer (Princess Doggie) and follows her around everywhere. Princess Doggie wants none of it, so she keeps trying to get away from him. Aug-dog is fascinated by Nikola so follows him everywhere. Nikola doesn't really want to have anything to do with Aug-dog so keeps moving away from him. There goes Princess Doggie with Nikola following, and Auggie coming behind. It's all very civil and quiet--no chasing, hissing, or spitting. But it gets tiring to watch!