Wardrobe Wednesday--Natalie Attired

I'm trying out a new clothing subscription service! 

I had never heard of Natalie Attired before seeing it on another YouTuber's unboxing video a few weeks ago. When I looked into it, I decided it was worth checking out.

Natalie Attired works much in the same way as StitchFix. You set up your account and fill out a style profile. You can choose how often you receive your boxes, and you can change it on the fly as needed. You determine your price range for each type of item. The $20 styling fee is discounted off the price if you purchase one or more items, and you receive an additional 20% discount off the total cost if you purchase all five items in a box. 

When you get your box, you have three days to return them, and they provide a postage-paid envelope that you just stick right in your mailbox. Can't be easier. You give them feedback that they then take into account for the next box. 

I was intrigued by the fact that the style profile was more extensive than StitchFix's, and I was able to put in my color analysis results. As I reference in the video, although I've been very happy with StitchFix, I've noted that in the year I've been getting Fixes, I haven't really ever gotten anything I could call "bright," and I love bright. StitchFix leans towards darks and toned colors rather than jewel tones or brights. I want a mix in my closet. 

So--here's the unboxing and try-on, with my first impressions. Below the video I'll give some follow-up information. (To speed through, use the scrubber button at the bottom or watch it in YouTube to use the double-tap-30-second-forward trick.) 

All in, I really liked my first time out of the gate with Natalie Attired. I'll definitely be getting more boxes. The communication in the box itself isn't quite as good as StitchFix's. Although it's a nice personal touch that it looks handwritten, it was a little hard to read and I didn't get as much information as I do from my StitchFix stylist. They also don't have the styling card that StitchFix includes. I rarely use the styling card when I'm putting together an outfit, but it's nice to get ideas. The price list is also a little more standard-invoicey; StitchFix's looks nicer and is a lot easier to read and interpret. 

All of those are quibbles, however. More substantial differences are probably due to the fact that Natalie Attired is still the new kid on the block. I think they've only officially been launched about a year or two--they were a crowdfunding campaign prior to that. There are very few reviews on YouTube whereas StitchFix, Trunk Club, and Wantable are all over the place. 

Natalie Attired doesn't carry shoes yet. Natalie Attired also doesn't seem to have handbags/purses/totes yet, although that's hard to tell as it's not something that would necessarily show up as a style profile question. I love the bags I've gotten from StitchFix. I've basically stopped buying my own bags and just ask my StitchFix stylist for what I need. Natalie Attired does have a question about jewelry on the style profile so I may get some in the future. That's something that's always a win for me from StitchFix. 

I noticed that four out of the five items I got were all the same brand: Tribal. That's probably because I noted my boho chic preference. With StitchFix, although I see some brands frequently through my boxes, I don't know that I've ever had one box so completely immersed in a single brand. Again, it could just be that Natalie Attired is working up its sourcing, and I certainly liked all the pieces I got, so I'm not arguing! 

I tried everything on for my husband this evening and he confirmed my thoughts. I’m keeping the red shell and the red floral tunic—everything else is getting sent back. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with the next box!