Thinkin' About It Thursday

Well, some of you remarked how much you enjoyed this post and would like to see it as a series. So I'll do my best!

What I'm thinking about this Thursday:

  • How, even if the colors haven't been changed, freshly painted walls are still quite nice to look at.
  • That hosting a party for 70-plus people the same week as I have painters underfoot and my busiest, most stressful workweek is crazy talk.
  • That Rescue Remedy actually [sort of] works.
  • But that watching a clan of family and friends--some of whom haven't been in the same place for decades--having fun together and reconnecting is worth the sleepless nights.
  • But that next time I'll hire a dish washer.
  • That I have a great group of my own kids and my nieces and nephews, and that they've got a great group of friends. 
  • Who, even when they've crashed on my floor and gotten about four hours of sleep, are still willing workers on clean-up duty the next day. (They may have been walking like zombies, but they were cleaning zombies so I'm good with that!)
  • That although it's not his favorite place to be, Sam is Sam and will make five days at the kennel work for him. (He made friends.)
  • That Spencer will take awhile to forgive me for that same five days at the kennel. (Hint: That's no smile on her face. That's pure hysteria.)
  • That pretty new thread can be almost as recuperative as chocolates.
  • And that this is a wonderful way to recover. 

(Tune in to this channel in a couple of weeks for a return to quilty talk.)