What Has Come to Live in My House

As I mentioned in my most recent podcast episode, I had fun with the "TRYME" special sale on the Superior Threads website. (The sale goes through the end of July, by the way.) Their Try-Me specials are always a little less expensive than buying the spools straight-up, and now they're on sale so you save even more. The only hitch is that you can't choose the colors. But doesn't that make it like a fun surprise party when you open the box?

In any case, because they were on special, I bought more than I normally would. Here's the list, from left to right in the picture above:

  • Fantastico #40 Poly, variegated yellow/orange/red
  • Magnifico #40 Poly, green
  • Art Studio Colors (Ricky Tims) #40 Poly, gray
  • King Tut #40 Cotton, variegated purples
  • Halo variegated purple/red/blue with metallic gold
  • Glitter (holographic) purple base with red/green/blue colors
  • Nature Colors (Hollis Chatelain) #40 Trilobal, cream/vanilla color
  • Masterpiece (Alex Anderson) #50 Cotton, green
  • Bottom Line (Libby Lehman) #60 Poly, navy
  • Nitelite Extra Glow, #40 Poly, pink

The only one I'm a hair bummed about is the pink Nitelite. I hadn't really noticed that Nitelite came in colors--I guess I was thinking it would be similar to monofilaments where there isn't really a color to the thread itself. My bad. I'd planned on using it in a project for Halloween with all black, grey, and orange fabrics. Pink just won't look right. I'll likely find some other project to try the pink on and see how it works, and maybe order a color that works better with the project later.

I'm watching the DVD as I write this. So far, I'm realizing that I knew more about thread than I thought I did. Still n' all, there is some helpful information (how they make metallic thread is really interesting!) and I'm only four chapters in so I'm sure it'll be good overall. Besides, I got the DVD free with my order. Can't go wrong!

Yes, I've gotten to the point where seeing a funky-cool thread immediately starts making me dream up projects I can use it on!