Thinking about It Thursday

This week, I'm thinking...

  • That, for once, I'd just like to be warm.
  • How I don't even need to see negative-double-digits show up on the "RealFeel" temperature listing on my Accuweather app. 
    • Because I can feel it.
    • Even inside.
    • With two space heaters on me.
    • And wearing fuzzy socks, slippers, a hoodie, and fingerless-gloves.
  • That Craftsy classes are apparently like dark chocolate truffles for me (which is a very apt metaphor as we come up on Valentine's Day): I just can't resist them when they're on sale.*
  • That, on the other hand, it's a good way to get over my heebie jeebies about something that smacks of garment sewing. And fiddly bits. 
  • How nice it is to have my daughter home from college for a few days.
  • That I keep forgetting I have Monday off, so woohoo long weekend!
    • Even if it is going to be negative-double-digits on Monday.
    • All the more reason to stay inside and cuddle with my sewing machine.


*Craftsy affiliate link--by using this link you help support my podcast and blog. Thanks so much!