Thinkin' about It Thursday

This week, I'm thinking... 

  • That I really am loving me some embroidery. 
  • That all those wonderful, funky threads are like candy. 
    • I can't resist. 
    • Give me more. 
  • That adding some beads is a dangerous thing. 
    • Addictive. 
    • Another collection. 
  • How getting fiber art books out of the library can seem like a penny-wise move. 
    • Until I realize I really want to own the book. 
    • Ahem.
  • How nice it was to be able to start playing fetch with Doofus in the backyard this week. 
  • That he and I both need to get into better fetch shape.  
    • Winter was rough on both of us.
  • How I'm sorta looking forward to my work trip next week because I know I can take my embroidery with me. 
    • It's a sickness.